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Private Chef

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Our team has all the necessary health and employment certificates, and therefore you can be certain about the quality of the food and the sanitary conditions in which this is prepared before it is finally offered to be consumed. For any questions feel free to contact us any time.


''In the late 90's in a twist of fate I was led to the Cycladic island of winds, Mykonos. Thus I set off on a trip to catering which turned out to be a lifetime journey .
Over the past years I have travelled the Aegean Sea islands and the mainland in Greece. I have tasted and enjoyed the grandeur and at the same time the simplicity of the Greek cuisine. Twenty years later, I still strive to this day as an opponent of the food industry and an exponent of pure raw materials, to highlight this simplicity and grandeur of the Greek cuisine.
I will be more than happy to plan along with you your next culinary journey to this place.''
Chef Christos

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